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  • 4 hours
  • 500 US dollars
  • In-person OR Virtual Session

Service Description

No matter what "conditions" you are experiencing which may be causing some degree of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual discomfort or suffering in your life, the potential to transform your life and optimize your potential exists, when you are truly ready to work toward and embrace, something different for yourself. YOU get to choose! In the field of Energy or Informational Medicine, we understand that physical manifestations of "disease", pain, chronic conditions, or even injury, has a root cause (dis-ease) which originates from the non-physical aspects of our experience. In this half-day intensive, we will be diving deep together. I will hold loving space for you to share the parts of your story that you feel you need help with, and we will talk about the importance of self-awareness, validation of wounds and traumatic events, releasing stored emotions, forgiveness, letting go of guilt and shame, and how to rewrite the stories of your mind in a way that allows you to move forward in a more harmonious, peaceful, healthy, loving and empowered mental, emotional, and energetic framework in relation to yourself and all other things. Together, we will work through your cognitive frameworks and the information in your bio-field to explore what exists in the layers of your consciousness so that you can become aware of the programs and belief systems which are creating unhealthy patterns in your life. We will also, if it feels helpful, look at the epigenetic patterns which may be the reason for life long illness, pain, or dysfunctional conditions causing distress. I will help you understand how the memories and emotional energies of traumatic events stored in your energetic field are informing your subconscious mind and creating disharmony in your body, mind, and spirit. I will also help you understand how we "absorb" and store discordant energies from others as well. I will help you release those trapped energies and teach you ways that you can help yourself as you rediscover new ways of relating to yourself and your experience. The possibility for massive life transformation is available to you. I have done this in my own life, and I can help you learn how to do it in yours, as well. New beginnings and a healthy, vibrant, joyful life await! I wonder what is waiting to align with you in the field of infinite potential? Let's have some fun discovering what that could look like for you! Are you ready?

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Cynthia Rose Healing Arts Pueblo, CO, USA

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