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We Are the Wild Ones

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

There is an adventurer inside of me...

a wild spirit who longs to explore the forest dressed in furs,

with feathers, sticks, and bones in my hair.

I hear the howl of my wolf family calling me home

to a place I’ve not fully forgotten within myself.

I feel the heat of their breath in my blood.

I feel their heartbeat deep within my bones.

I long to walk this earth, a mystic:

A mysterious traveler not meant to fit anywhere,

because I know I already exist within everything.

Like the mist, I would swirl amongst the ancient trees,

calling home the parts of myself this modern world has wasted away.

Ahh we are wild ones, we are.

Take me away from this domesticated life and remind me who I am.

Viking blood boils in these veins.

Take me to the wild, beloved.

Take me back to my roots."

~Cynthia Rose~


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