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Sat, Sep 09


Zoom - 6 Saturday classes from 9/9 to 10/14

"INSPIRE": Breathe Your BEST Life Into Reality: 6 Week Group Transformational Breathwork Intensive

Do you want to change your life but struggle with getting stuck in stories of self-limiting beliefs? Is the voice of your mind drowning out the voice of your heart and soul? Indulge yourself in this 6 Week Group Exploration into Breath and see what breakthroughs could become available for you!

"INSPIRE": Breathe Your BEST Life Into Reality: 6 Week Group Transformational Breathwork Intensive
"INSPIRE": Breathe Your BEST Life Into Reality: 6 Week Group Transformational Breathwork Intensive

Time & Location

Sep 09, 10:00 AM MDT – Oct 14, 1:00 PM MDT

Zoom - 6 Saturday classes from 9/9 to 10/14


About the event

Are you ready to INVEST in yourself and your BEST life??

Are you curious about how you can fast track your growth in ways that traditional therapy doesn't even come close to?


HELD WEEKLY ON SATURDAYS from 10am - 1pm Mountain Time 

Beginning 9/9 and ending 10/14

This Breathwork Intensive Group Program will debut Saturday 9/9 and will run for 6 weeks on Saturdays only until Saturday 10/14 

Participation includes one session/week on Saturday mornings from 10am - 1pm Mountain Time (Colorado).  

Each week, we will engage together in class for roughly 2 hours and we will then have an additional hour during which participants are welcome to stay in the call to share in free-flow open discussion about their experience.   

In Week One's session, we will explore a little about the science of breath and why it is crucial to understand the impact of both proper and improper breathing habits and how our life can be affected as a result. In this first class we will also explore simple breathing practices that you can use on an every day basis to shift into healthier mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual states of being. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the "class" segment for those who wish to stay on the call. 

The KEY component of this program is intensive work using the Transformational power of your breath. 

By learning and practicing what we call "Conscious Connected Breathwork" or "Circular Breathwork", each participant will be invited to dive into a unique intentional experience in which powerful self discovery and emotional releases will typically happen spontaneously. The magic of breathwork is that it causes the body to enter a state called "transient hypofrontality" where the thinking mind takes a back seat and allows the voice of the soul to come forward into conscious awareness. Doors into the subconscious which once seemed "locked" will open with ease, and perspective shifts from the troubled stories of the mind and into a more heart-centered viewpoint. In this state, we easily open to our inner guidance and release stories of suffering by releasing stored emotions that have become trapped in the body. 

If you've ever done breathwork before or talked to anyone who has, you'll know that there are some pretty weird, wonderful and mystical things that happen with this kind of transformational work!! There is good reason that breathwork is now on the cutting edge of alternative energy medicine and quickly growing in popularity. 

The best thing about using breath for personal transformation is that you are remembering that you do not need ANYTHING outside of yourself to create massive change and growth in your life.

This Program includes 5 weeks of classes where participants will engage in active Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions. 

These sessions are intentional immersive experiences meant to assist each participant work on specific areas of life with a different intentional focus each week. We also leave room for anything and EVERYTHING beneficial to show up beyond any conscious intentions we may be holding for ourselves and one another.

Breathwork has been one of my absolute favorite transformational tools for pure breakthroughs in the last 9 years of exploring a multitude of different practices of self-discovery! (And I have done a LOT of super cool and magical things over the years!!)

You definitely DON'T want to miss the opportunity to snag a spot in this introductory class!   

This class is limited to a maximum of 25 spots available and I expect them to fill up fast, so you'll want to book now to get in on this amazing opportunity. 



*PLEASE NOTE: Breathwork can be an intense experience, and is safe for most people, but please be aware that it is not advised for people who have certain specific underlying health conditions. (mental and physical) If you have any underlying health conditions, please book a free discovery call with me through my Heal.Me site (link on my home page) so that we can consult and ensure that you are engaging in an activity that YOU agree is safe for you. 

There is an informed consent/liability waiver that you will be required to sign before the active breathwork component of this program begins.  

ALL participants MUST sign and submit this waiver prior to Week 1 of the class.  (Please know that this is standard professional practice for all properly trained and certified breathwork coaches/teachers.)  

Note: I am a certified Breathwork Teacher, trained by Jon Paul Crimi: renowned Breathwork Coach and Breathwork Teacher Training Instructor.





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