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Cynthia Rose Healing Arts

Healing and Personal Empowerment Begins With Your Resounding "YES"

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Meet Cynthia Rose

I want you to know that wherever you are in your life,

no matter what your experience of suffering is...
There is hope.
There are answers.

There is love waiting to love you.

You don't have to live in pain and suffering anymore.


That woman you see in the picture here looks so healthy and happy, doesn't she?

I've worked hard to get here. 
Some days are still a challenge, but...

life is a completely different experience

from this place of awareness and understanding.

My journey of healing began in 2014 in the moment I recognized that it was ME who needed to decide

how I wanted to live this one precious life.

I had to CHOOSE.

I knew something was horribly wrong in the moment I realized that I wasn't able to let my children

hug me anymore.

I couldn't receive my children's love?

What had gone so wrong that I was denying myself comfort and care from these two little boys who brought me such joy and happiness... such a sense of purpose?

For me, this was the most devastating moment of all.

I had lost myself almost completely.

I didn't recognize who I had become and the grief in that was overwhelming.
I was shattered and I felt broken beyond repair.

I could not... would not... continue on that way.

My life had become a living misery inside my own

heart, mind, and body.

I was filled with sorrow and disappointment.

My body was failing me in so many ways.

I had stopped writing for over 15 years

and I had known from the time I was young

that writing was an important part of my purpose here.

My marriage felt empty.

I felt empty... devoid of the passion I once embodied. 

I was in so much pain on every level,

and NO ONE knew.
I hid behind a smile as I struggled to find

the carefree, happy, and playful woman I once was.

Desperate for some kind of "medicine" for my pain

I drank alcohol at night after the boys went to bed

to help me feel something... different.
I wept alone when no one could hear

and yet...

I still danced in the kitchen in socked feet with the boys when happiness washed over me in the moments

when my "spirit" was more... embodied and alive.

I was still kind to others.

I still laughed. I still had hope. I still sought life.

There were so many unexplainable symptoms

of dis-ease in my physical body.

More and more chronic pain patterns ravaged my body

and dimmed my spirit.

I suffered rare and unexplainable infections. 

I was fatigued.

I was literally falling... a lot... causing serious injury to my body and more and more suffering in my existence.

A life-long immune deficiency had caused chronic sickness throughout my life and had been left undiagnosed

until I was in my late 30's.

For so many years I had sought the answers to how to be well.

I was so relieved to finally have a solution and feel healthy again, but then the life changing medicine

I had finally found

put me in the hospital in unimaginable pain.

This medicine was no longer an option.

In 2013, Trigeminal Neuralgia,

coined "The suicide Disease"

because of the pain it causes,

began to manifest on the right side of my face.

The pain was excruciating... unbearable.

Many days, it hurt to smile...

Something as simple and delightful

as the sun shining on my face

would trigger an attack...

The doctors couldn't explain WHY.
The tests showed nothing.

and yet...

I still sought reasons to smile and stay optimistic,

but it was starting to feel like I was living inside a body

that was betraying me.

My PCP finally agreed to send me to the Mayo Clinic


Allopathic medicine was never going to provide 

me with the answers I needed.

Desperate for some kind of relief, I began to pray earnestly for the first time in my adult life. 

I prayed for help, guidance, and mercy.

I asked for forgiveness and grace.

I asked to know the spirit of Christ's love

in the depths of my heart.

Mystical things began to happen in my life.

One may even call them Miracles.


One day in the spring of 2014,

as I sat at my kitchen table devastated

by the deterioration of my entire self

and the understanding that my marriage

had long been over but "leaving" felt impossible, something I cannot explain found me in that moment.

It was as if I took my last breath in one way of living

and began the next breath in a whole new awareness 

of life itself.

I heard a voice speak to me with authority

and immeasurable love.

From some place beyond my mind,

something greater than me spoke these words:


Tears of grief shifted in that instant

to tears of relief, and the most profound gratitude. 

I understood exactly what that message meant,

and my entire life changed. 

I began to learn to say "YES" to ME. 
I said YES to MY life, MY health, MY happiness.

I began to understand the power of prayer

and I witnessed undeniable evidence

that there is a greater power loving us

and guiding us, always.

I began to understand FAITH.

Not "Religion", but FAITH.

Some would call this an "Awakening".

Some would call it "Salvation".

I felt reborn, resurrected like a Phoenix

from the ashes of a passionless life.

Incredible, loving people began to show up in my life.

I met and invested in sessions with other Energy Medicine/Healing Arts practitioners

and experienced profoundly beneficial results

from working with them.

I began to understand how the traumas I had experienced in my life were impacting my thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with people and the world around me.

I learned to sit with and heal the damage I had done to myself by not having healthy boundaries and self respect. 

I learned to forgive myself and say no to the things that no longer served me.

I learned to let go of resentment, bitterness, hurt and fear.

I learned to honor my own empowerment and began to live every moment with mindfulness.

I am still learning and growing and "becoming". 

This beautiful snow white dog you see in the photo with me was a part of my healing too. It was because of my love for him and his love for me that my heart started to heal and I began writing again.

I literally wrote a story... and that story

led me to a writing seminar where I met my future partner who now, after many years of separation,

walks by my side with the devotion, strength,

and tender loving care

I had longed for my whole life. 

At that same seminar, I met the

engaging and joyous practitioner

who introduced me to quantum healing.

That experience led me to more seminars where I learned incredible things, healed layers and layers of trauma,

and met so many inspiring people

who touched me to the very core. 

They all felt like soul mates... soul family. 
Not only was I reuniting with myself,

I was reuniting with others who felt like HOME to me.

I began to experience life through a completely new level of consciousness and connection and guidance.

I began to listen to my heart and my intuition.

I discovered the Healing Arts.


I began the journey of healing my SPIRIT and my MIND.






And so I ask YOU...

What will your story be?

Are you ready to live YOUR life?

Are YOU ready to learn how to heal yourself?
Are YOU ready to move beyond the physical manifestation of emotional and spiritual pain, dis-ease, and despair?

Are YOU ready to align with YOUR sacred purpose

and passion?


I AM here to help you, and I am fully invested in

supporting you lovingly throughout your process

of transformation, healing, self-discovery,

and self-empowered living.

The answers to well-being can be found within YOU

and in your connection to a power greater than you

that loves you beyond anything

you could possibly imagine. 

The time for YOUR journey home...

your reclamation of YOU...

is NOW.


I love you so much.

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Holistic Healing Arts Expertise 

Learn how to re-write your inner narrative, using Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Reframing

Learn how the stress caused by the energies of trapped emotions can be released, to help you change your life

Discover your own healing potential 

Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness Coaching

Personal Empowerment Mentorship 

Understand Soul Loss and how to reclaim your vitality 

Guidance and Support 

Discover how Energy Healing can contribute to your overall wellness 

Learn how to get relief from Grief, Suffering, Stress, Sadness, and Anxiousness, using the power of your mind

Learn how your mental narratives and programs may be contributing to physical pain, illness, and disease

What Clients Share

Shadow on Concrete Wall

“If beauty is a healing force (and we know it is) just stepping into the Sanctuary would bring incredible healing. But with Cynthia's beautiful presence--her compassion, her wisdom, her authenticity--the experience of a healing session transcends what I thought possible. The work we did together was some of the most transformative of my life, and has already activated so much increased possibility as I step into my Soul's promise. Cynthia brings her whole self to the work, and offers guidance to help integrate and implement this sacred teaching. One of the most healing and powerful experiences of my life.”



In-Person Session

"I want you to know that miracles are possible.

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and be courageous in the process of change and personal growth."

"Change is not always comfortable and courage is most definitely required.

It is a gift to 'self' to learn to be able to welcome those moments of discomfort

from a healthy place of curiosity and eagerness to learn 'become' more.

The flower, tight in the bud, is not nearly as beautiful nor fragrant,

as it is when it comes fully into its expression of 'self', in full blossom.

Oh, that flower in its full glory, is shameless as it shows its whole self

to all who care to behold its precious existence.

It becomes so full, it practically bursts forth

in an explosion of its own exquisite gift to the world.

Not everyone will notice, but that's okay, 

because the flower knows what it took to 'become',

and it knows the reason it came into existence,

if even for just one fleeting moment.

This life of yours... it is fleeting.

This exact expression of YOU is unique,

and will never again be repeated exactly the same way.

What are YOU willing to do to create a thrilling and fulfilling life for yourself?

What are YOU willing to do, to love yourself enough to live empowered

in the health, wellness, and ownership of YOUR birthright?

This is YOUR life.

YOU are offered the free will to choose your path

and YOU have the power to co-create your own destiny. "

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