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Healing and Personal Empowerment Begins With Your Resounding "YES"!!

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
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Meet Cynthia Rose

Are you ready to live your best life?

Are you ready to learn how to do that for yourself?

I am here to help, and I am committed to

supporting you lovingly throughout your process

of healing and self-discovery.

Holistic Healing Arts Expertise 

Learn how to re-write your inner narrative, using Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Reframing

Learn how the stress caused by the energies of trapped emotions can be released, to help you change your life

Discover your own healing potential 

Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness Coaching

Personal Empowerment Mentorship 

Guidance and Support 

Discover how Energy Healing can contribute to your overall wellness 

Learn how to get relief from Grief, Suffering, Stress, Sadness, and Anxiousness, using the power of your mind

Learn how your mental narratives and programs may be contributing to physical pain, illness, and disease

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What Clients Say

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“If beauty is a healing force (and we know it is) just stepping into the Sanctuary would bring incredible healing. But with Cynthia's beautiful presence--her compassion, her wisdom, her authenticity--the experience of a healing session transcends what I thought possible. The work we did together was some of the most transformative of my life, and has already activated so much increased possibility as I step into my Soul's promise. Cynthia brings her whole self to the work, and offers guidance to help integrate and implement this sacred teaching. One of the most healing and powerful experiences of my life.”


~Leni Hester~

In-Person Session


"I want you to know that anything is possible,

if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and be courageous in the process of change and personal growth."

"Change is not always comfortable and courage is most definitely required.

It is a gift to 'self' to learn to be able to welcome those moments of discomfort from a healthy place of curiosity and eagerness to learn 'become' more.

The flower, tight in the bud, is not nearly as beautiful nor fragrant,

as it is when it comes fully into its expression of 'self', in full blossom.

Oh, that flower in its full glory, is shameless as it shows its whole self

to all who care to behold its precious existence.

It becomes so full, it practically bursts forth in an explosion of its own exquisite gift to the world.

Not everyone will notice, but that's okay, 

because the flower knows what it took to 'become',

and it knows the reason it came into existence,

if even for just one fleeting moment.

This life of yours... it is fleeting.

This exact expression of you is unique, and will never again be repeated exactly the same way.

What are YOU willing to do to create a thrilling and fulfilling life for yourself?

What are YOU willing to do, to love yourself enough to live empowered

in the health, wellness, and ownership of YOUR birthright?

This is YOUR life.
YOU are offered the free will to choose your path

and YOU have the power to co-create your own destiny. "